The Differentiation BluePrint™️

- the art of dissuasion

Join us inside this unique 5-day programme and discover how to 'Completely Annihilate Your Competitors' 
when in a competitive selling situation!

Sometimes someone has just got to say like it or not. 

Here's the FACTS:

FACT: Your Unique Selling Points (USP's) are nothing more than Universal Sales Propositions

FACT: What you claim are USP's can be found on every single one of your competitor's websites

FACT: Most of your USP's only apply AFTER someone becomes a customer and are not even considered in the buying process!

FACT: Your competitors can and will claim whatever unsubstantiated facts they want and are winning the business instead of you because of it

FACT: Your prospects are choosing your competitors because of what you are NOT doing rather than what you are

FACT: Your telephone pitch, emails, face to face presentations and proposals follow the exact same format used by every one of your competitors

FACT: Right now, in the mind of a prospect, the only true differentiator between you and the competition is price . Do you want to be the cheapest?

FACT: If your competitors use the Differentiation BluePrint against you, I guarantee you will lose!

"...I was utterly sick and tired at the injustice of losing business to inferior competitors who, I categorically knew, were over-inflating their status, claiming expertise in areas they knew nothing about and were not able to substantiate or support their previous or future claims. 

Unquestionably, this was the underlying reason I developed this totally unique approach ensuring my prospects had the power and the secret knowledge to make the right buying decisions!

The Differentiation BluPrint - Art of Dissuasion, is a totally unique way of framing your presentations, sales pitches and written proposals using the very latest Influence, Persuasion and Sales Psychology strategies. 

By utilising this unique model, you will ensure that YOU are the MUST HAVE company to do business with while making sure your inferior competitors are totally eradicated en route." Gary 


Day 1: Why You're Are Currently Losing Out to Inferior Competitors? 
- Learn why your 'so called' Unique Selling Points (USP's) are nothing but Universal Sales Propositions
- Understand what negative emotions you are unwittingly instilling into your prospects mind causing them to chose others
- Learn what values your prospect have to see in order to for you to become their 'MUST HAVE' company to do business with
- Uncover the one hidden question which is resulting in prospect saying NO!

Day 2: What you DO vs what you DON'T?  
- Understand how to 'FRAME' your product and service to get a prospects buy-in
- How to create distance between yourself and your competitors
- Discover why presenting what you do encourages prospects to say NO!
- How to raise crucial questions for your prospect to measure you against your competition

Day 3: Three Fundamentals of Persuasion & Omega Strategies 
- Learn the three world class persuasion strategies required to differentiate yourself and your product
- Discover the little known psychological principles of Omega Strategies
- How to eradicate buying resistance
- Learn the three types of buying resistance and how to overcome each one

Day 4: The gift that keeps on giving and the annihilation of your competitors 
- How to make it impossible for others to compete when you implement the Differentiation BluePrint
- Learn how to give your prospects the power to identify inferior offers
- Why prospects will see you as MUST HAVE company to do business with
- Discover how, when and why the Differentiation BluePrint has a 87% success rate when used in a competitive selling situation 

Day 5: Live Q&A Session 
- This is your opportunity to ask unlimited questions and together we can work on your specific business, problems and challenges. 


* Why you are losing vital business to your competitors even though you did all the hard work, did the best presentation and have the better products
* Learn how your USP's are nothing of the sort and are simply viewed as Universal Sales Propositions
* Understand how a single unanswered question will be the sole reason as to why you lost the deal to your competitors
* Discover how to completely change the framing of your proposal, presentation and sales pitch so that when choosing, your prospects make YOU the MUST HAVE company to do business with!
* Learn why it is SO easy for your competitors to CLAIM whatever they like at the expense of YOU
* Ensure your competitors HAVE to backup everything they claim or else LOSE the deal to YOU
Gary May - Sales Trainer to the Elite
“Gary is outstanding and one of the finest trainers for selling I've ever had the pleasure to listen to speak and why he's in the Top 1%.”
Kevin Hogan - Multiple Best Selling Author
- Psychology of Persuasion
- The Science of Influence
- Covert Persuasion

Gary May - Author, Speaker and elite trainer
“… Gary May brings a unique and profitable style to sales and sales training . He is the ONLY sales trainer I’ll bring in all the way from the UK to train MY people, period. His brilliant combination of sales, influence, persuasion and sale effectiveness training for staff and managers alike is unparalleled anywhere.” 
Dave Lakhani - President - Bold Approach, inc, USA  
Gary May - Sales training & MD of Salesology Ltd
"...Please DON'T tell my competition about Gary May's ideas - This model is simply GENIUS! I had the pleasure of seeing Gary speak and in the first hour of his presentation I learned more from Gary in one hour than any of the speakers in a four day period! Gary knows his stuff and, I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to sell the right way!” 
April Braswell - Mentor / Coach - US

About Gary May

With an unrivalled track record, Gary’s expertise and over 20 years of research have resulted in him being widely acknowledged as the ‘MUST HAVE’ sales psychology, Influence and Persuasion expert amongst his peers.

As a Sales Persuasion Strategist, Gary’s unique insights, unrivalled strategies, and exceptional training have been instrumental in aiding companies generated huge numbers of new sales leads, massively increased conversion rates, higher order values and the driving force behind vast quantities of referral business.

Gary is no ‘typical’ sales strategist, and his accolades are the source of envy to many of his industry’s peers.

Selection of Gary's Accolades

  • Producer - The Persuasion BluPrint - Covert Persuasion Strategies for Sales Supremacy
  • Producer - The Differentiation BluPrint - The Art of Dissuasion
  • Co-Author - Best Selling Book - SELLING - Powerful New Strategies for Sales Success
  • International Speaker - Now Presented in 28 Countries
  • Award Finalist - CNA Awards 2019
  • National Sales Awards - 74 Client Nominations with 38 Clients Named as Category Winners
  • 5 Times Speaker - Influence & Persuasion Conference Las Vegas (Only ever UK Speaker)
Gary May - International Sales Trainer & Speaker
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